08 May 2011


More details:

As a tribute to our very first project for each of the BSC's, we will have a lovely afternoon goute at the Jardin public making FABRIC necklaces! So please bring you needle and thread, and I'll provide the goodies and fabric snippets. 

Bisous P.

14 February 2011


Recently we've been working on doggy accessories with my friend Barbara...
until we said and why not for Sly too. So, to show our cat love as well as our "puppy LOVE" I made a blankie for SLY.
The pattern is exactly the same as for cushions and pillow cases.You'll need about 1/2- 1 yard of fabric (the doggy size varies on the size of the dog), and as you can see you, can personalize it too. So, on this Valentine's day, why not show LOVE to those who treat us the best.
Happy Valentines Day to our pup and feline friends.

28 September 2010


Hi Guys,
I'll be hosting BSC Bordeaux's very first clothing swap at the end of the month.  I'd love for you to join us. For more information please click here BSC Bordeaux 1er Swap

22 August 2010

Puppy Sacs

Dearest readers,
I am very proud to present to you the latest work of one of our members. Barbara, who is a graphic designer in France, Bordeaux http://sbateliergraphique.com/, came to me with hesitation. As she had never before sewn with a machine nor created a bag ever! lol Nonetheless I am very proud of her hard work and most of all her persistence. She diligently followed all the instructions for the reversible bag http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/reversible-bag--3 and as result she created a collection for her dear friends the French Bulldog's. This association is called Rescu Boule Boutique were you can purchase the bags(starting in September 2010) and find more information. She will continue her collection for this coming fall and I hope that it brings out the puppy lovers in all of us.

23 June 2010

New Location 23.6.2010

We have been sponsored by one of the most outstanding fashion schools in Bordeaux. IBSM has loaned us their facilities so we can fulfill our projects this year. Ladies this is big! Not only will we have a huge space to work with but will be surrounded by the creations of their students and set as a real atelier. So inspiration inspiration! As we will be working on industrial machines, our choices just got bigger! There are no limits to what you can do and I can’t wait to get started!
Once again I would like to extend my gratitude to IBSM and their great staff.


22 June 2010

St. Michel Market

As a new comer to this market I found myself in the middle of gold and treasures at excellent prizes. Here I was with my coffee mug on hand, head phones and my camera on the other. ..I could not believe my eyes..loads of merchants offering from notions and rickrack to high quality fabrics. Of course as often one must dig to find these treasures, but once you hit the jack pot all that’s left to do is shop , shop shop!
There is a choice for every taste from colorful jerseys, to delicate laces, and as I found my little treasure at Joseph’s stand (located behind the church at the very entrance after the tram station), a jacquard made in France just 3 euros per meter. I invite you to take a promenade through St. Michel’s Market every Saturday all day.

Joseph's Stand

07 May 2010


Hi Everyone, As some of you may know, I worked for BurdaStyle for some time in New York and left them when I started my last year of school. I have great memories from having shared and been introduced to this community. Sewing is part of my life, as I am a designer but it it goes also as far back as my childhood when I started making clothes for my dolls... As for many of us sewing can have a place in our lives either professionally or personally or both. I invite you to join our group and share with us your interests and ideas in sewing as well as fashion, art... etc.